Friday, July 23, 2010

Aloha Friday - Week # 144

It's another Aloha Friday, a day where we can all keep it simple and ask interesting, but not-too-difficult questions.  A bunch of my friends are currently at Comic Con and it got me to thinking about television shows/movies/authors and it brought me to this question:

If you could meet the cast of your favorite television show, would you want to do it?

I'm actually torn on this myself.  Because what if the people turn out to be jerks?  What if it goes horribly and I come across like an idiot?  Of course, this tends to be my own issue as I go right for negative, negative, negative...something I'm working on.  I think maybe I'll stick with my current system where I randomly bump into celebrities (sometimes literally) quite by coincidence.  Unless I get a trip to Comic Con next year because, who am I kidding?


I am Harriet said...

Heck yes :)
Have a great Friday!

Kailani said...

Of coures! I would love to meet the cast of Brothers & Sisters!

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