Monday, June 21, 2010

A vote for me is for me

So in my quest to get much more serious about my writing and getting published, I entered a contest from the Savvy Author website.  The first round involved providing the first line of the current novel you are writing and the top thirty made it through to round two.

We are now in the process of round two and only five make it to the final round.  I was hoping that some of you would feel moved to vote for me.  It's like one of those weird moments that contestants have on the Biggest Loser, where they have to admit out loud that while they wish no ill will/harm toward their competitors, they deserve this chance.  I don't usually ask for things - I'm the giver.  But I would love and appreciate anyone who would go here and vote for my blurb/pitch.

It's # 7 - Lauren Monroe wants to set the record straight: time traveling is not romantic or cool, especially when there is a price on your head. One of the last of the time travelers - living in a world where monsters and demons run amuck and the "heroes" only pretend to save the day - Lauren, alongside her brother and friends, must change the course of the future to save humanity... and herself.

You don't need an account to vote in this round and I currently still have a chance to make it back into the the top five.