Friday, November 27, 2009

week 6 & 7 check in

I totally blanked on recording my time for week 6. I remembered it yesterday and decided it was best to wait and breakdown both weeks.

I did remember to exercise. I am getting better at pushing through the, "Ehhh...must I do this? It's hard work." I doubt I will ever be a fitness guru or the girl who starts talking about how awesome exercise it. I continue to think of it as a necessary evil to not only losing weight, but a healthier lifestyle.

While I don't count it here, I have also gotten better about parking far away from stores, taking stairs, and randomly doing leg kicks and arm presses at home and at work (which has garnered a few stares when I've been caught in my office).

(November 14th-20th)

Saturday - 4 miles
Sunday - 0 miles
Monday - 2 miles
Tuesday - 3 miles
Wednesday - 0 miles
Thursday - 4 miles
Friday - 1 mile

Total for this week is 14 miles.

(November 21st-27th)

Saturday - 4 miles
Sunday - 2 miles
Monday - 4 miles
Tuesday - 0 miles
Wednesday - 4 miles
Thursday - 3 miles
Friday - 2 miles

Total for the week (Saturday-Friday) is 19 miles.

I kicked it up a notch this past week to prepare and deal with Thanksgiving. I wanted to be able to be decadent without feeling guilty (which only leads to issues for me), so I planned on a heavy workout routine for the week. Next week, I'm going back to aiming for 4/5 days - three really strong workouts and two easier ones.

I really love this challenge and the Biggest Loser Challenge I've been doing for the month of November because it's pushing me a bit. I keep thinking in the back of my head about the goals I have to make.

Moment of pride: I had started doing the Biggest Loser BootCamp workout on rainy days and such. I have finally worked up to where I can make it through the advanced level. It's a killer workout and my arms tend to just hang there afterward, probably wondering, "Why do you punish us like this? Don't you remember when you (we) were lazy? It was nice." When I first started the thing I thought there was no way I could do it, I barely made it through level one, but I am at the advanced level.

This week: I need to get some yoga/stretching into my regime.


Shore Debris said...

I do the parking far away from stores, too! (Drives my husband nuts when he is with me, though)

Trish said...

You're doing great! You're going to have to do me a favor when you report next time, though, and make sure I have your total correct--I think I might have missed an update. :) It's so hard to keep track of the comments sometimes.

I'm wondering if you'd be interested in writing a post about not being an exercise guru or one who will think how awesome exercise is but how you've also picked up everyday habits such as parking away from the store, etc? NO pressure, but if you're interested, email me...I think it's something a lot of people can relate to!

And yoga--great idea. I did about 30 minutes yesterday and boy am I sore today! Doesn't make me feel like I'm getting a great workout like I do with running but I always feel great afterwards.