Thursday, September 8, 2011

Still kicking...

I survived vacation, Hurricane Irene, and my birthday - how the hell am I another year old and none the wiser?  I'm currently fighting off my annual end of summer visit from the sinus infection fairy and have spent a large portion of my free time sleeping or just vegged out in front of the television.  I have watched a lot of NCIS.  A lot.  I'm convinced Tony and Gibbs are talking to me - or that might be the cough medicine.

At some point I hope to make my Thirty Six Things to Accomplish in Year Thirty-Six birthday post of sorts.  And I need to catch up on my Artist's Way progress - I've done most of the stuff, continue to do morning pages, but am still avoiding the whole "reader's deprivation."  I have to pass on the Indie Ink Challenge for one more week as next Wednesday is our big work event that I do most of the planning/organizing for and my head needs to be focused there much of the next couple of days.

Oh life, you like to keep me on my toes.


Anonymous said...

A happy belated birthday and I'm pretty sure that you are, in fact, quite wiser with each passing year. Hope you're feeling better soon from the nasty sinus thing. I had one for a seemingly interminable 10 days one year. The only time I wasn't in pain was when I was sleeping. Otherwise it was horrendous. Ugh.

Ah, you're in NJ - was it pretty bad by you from Irene? I'm in Brooklyn, NY. Thankfully our part of town made it through unscathed. But I know that all around us, there were parts that didn't fare nearly as well. And I've been hearing about how bad it's been in Jersey! Glad to hear you made it through ok. Keep on keeping on with the Artist's Way. We're halfway through it now!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Good to see you again. :)
Happy belated birthday, best wishes for this new year.
We are all more than done with the deprivation (we never really got it).