Monday, March 15, 2010

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 372

Week # 372

  1. Children ::
  2. no thank you
  3. Saddlebags ::
  4.   old ladies in muumuus
  5. Restraint ::
  6. something I need to practice more of
  7. Awake ::
  8.   I wish I could wake up and not feel sleepy...I wish I was a morning person...
  9. Blood ::
  10.   vampires, but not ones that are bedazzled in the sun (though I do admit I enjoy the Twilight books).
  11. Shutter ::
  12.    The wind whipped up and knocked the shutter from the window frame.
  13. Posted ::
  14. I manage to get my activity minutes posted for the Biggest Loser Challenge I'm a part of.
  15. Corn cob ::
  16. I have no real thoughts on this.  My mind just went to a place of "huh" and then to "corn on the cob."  Corn on the cob is yummy, but the kernels get stuck in your teeth and the butter drips down your chin, so that's not so cool.
  17. Flagrant :: in need of attention and getting under another's skin
  18. Fart :: smelly

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