Monday, April 19, 2010

an important cause...

Be sure to take a minute and go sign Jamie Oliver's petition to improve the food provided to children within schools.  I'm not a parent, personally, but I can't imagine anyone who thinks it's okay for their children to have pizza for breakfast and to have french fries considered a "vegetable" by the federal standards.

As someone who spent a large portion of her life struggling with her own weight and learning to eat healthy (It's still something I'm working on), I know how important it is to get ingrained with proper eating ideas early on and just how hard it is to work your own way through it.  And I say this as someone who grew up without the types of lunches that seem to run abundant in schools nowadays.  I definitely suggest tuning into an episode of the show - it's eye-opening - but at least, take a minute and make your voice heard.

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