Thursday, April 29, 2010

who doesn't want happy sleeping time - giveaway link

I'm the first to own that i'm a crazy giveaway entering fool.  Maybe it's because I'm so poor at the moment that as a girl who loves shopping this is the next best thing.  That said, I usually don't blog about most of them because it's not really what I want this journal to be about.  So I keep the ones to a minimum, to the ones that I think are super-dooper cool for beyond twitter and such.  (Aka:  warning my lovely twitter people- intermixed with my random thoughts are often giveaway tweets!)

Today is one of those giveaways I want to share because it's one that I think anyone could enjoy.

One 2 Try

One2Try is running a giveaway to win a True Silver Mattress Pad by Select Comfort.

Go check it out and sign up.  I can't speak for the rest of you, but sleep is my favorite thing.  And that means I love great bed products. 

Good luck!  But not too much luck, I still want a fighting chance!

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