Friday, April 16, 2010

a letter to a reality star who will likely never see this...

My response to this week's Mama Kat's writing prompts.  I went with prompt # 2: Write a letter to a reality star of your choice.  This was quite an easy choice for me.  I thought it would be harder as I do love quite a few reality shows (guilty pleasure out the wazoo!), but I decided to go with the first person who popped into my head.  And I'm glad that I did.


Dear Tori Spelling:

I have to admit that I prejudged you and hated you solely based on the character of Donna Martin from 90210 for a very long time. Don’t get me wrong. I watched and chanted “Donna Martin graduates!” right along with the rest of my obsessed teenage friends, but I really hated your character and was unable to distinguish you from Donna. I wish I could tell you that I’ve grown up a lot since then, no longer a teenager who can’t see past the role, but between you and me, the only reason I like Rob Pattison is because he’s Edward Cullen. It’s like the opposite of how I felt about you, except now I’m in my thirties and I just seem demented.

I’ll also admit to being one of the people who thought you only got the role (and subsequent Lifetime movie roles that either annoyed me or made me laugh) because your father was Aaron Spelling. I figured it was so easy for you and couldn’t care less when Donna Martin, and you in a way, finally went away from my television screen. I felt, irrationally, that you deserved it. I also felt, less irrationally, that I was quite sick of 90210 after a billion seasons and it was time for it to go away. There is only so long I can pretend to care about Dylan McKay’s sideburns.

I say all of this to apologize because I think you are awesome and if it weren’t for your reality show with your husband, I would never have known this. I’ve read both your books. I love Stori Telling because it just felt like a conversation you were having with the reader. I enjoyed Mommywood, even though I’m not a mother and have no interest in such mother-type things. And, of course, I watch your show whenever it’s on, whether I’ve already seen it or not, to a point where my friends who have known me a long time say things like, “I thought you hated her?” I have to go into this lengthy explanation of how I was wrong and who knew such a thing was even possible??? While I know the books and the show only represent a portion of who you are, I think it does prove that you are a very cool lady. You’re snarky, don’t take yourself too seriously, love shopping, and just keep trying to be who you are despite how everyone judges you. In fact, you and your friends remind me of me and my friends when we get together. It’s just a different backdrop and sadly, I can’t afford the very awesome purses and shoes that you get.

Anyway, this was sort of an apology-slash-you’re-awesome letter. And I’m sorry your mother is buckets of crazy. If it’s any consolation, I think all parents are buckets of crazy to some extent. I mean, my mother was obsessed with reading cookbooks but never cooking, and while I was little when my dad died, he was overly into sports to the point that he would scream at the television when *golf* was on. I mean, really, golf?

Your fan,


P.S. – How crazy is Shannen Doherty for real? Your book spoke a little bit to what she was like in the 90210 days, but I’d hate to misjudge her too as crazykakes unnecessarily. Honestly, I just want the dirt.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! I like Rob Pattinson just because he's Edward Cullen too! And I'm in my 40's! If you're demented, then I'm...just sick!