Monday, September 20, 2010

weekly intention: moment to moment

My intention last week was not to let fear control me.  I succeeded at times and other moments I failed spectacularly.  I can't deny I've been sitting on a lot of anxiety regarding finances.  Logically, I know things will work out and that I'm fortunate to have a job and a house to fret about when so many are in much worse situations.  But emotionally, selfishly, over the weekend, I was going to the "ohmygodwhatamIgoingtodolifeishorrible" place.

So, this week's intention is to grow upon my intention not to let fear stop me by focusing more on each moment as it happens.  To be present.  To be able to take that second to recognize my emotions in hopes of understanding and embracing my fears.


1 comment:

ABCcreativity said...

i really love that... growing last week's intention.
and i am seeing you doing it.