Monday, January 18, 2010

Creative Every Day Challenge

The bright side to bronchitis, being home from work for a week, and bored out of my skull was that I could do small snippets of writing and journaling, even really bad doodling in my notebook.

I also managed to get my morning pages (3 handwritten pages) in every morning for The Artist's Way. I look back over those and they always tend to be about the most random things, usually bits of dreams I had since I just woke up. I also think it's the one place where I don't edit myself. I'm the girl who has to go back over and over every line she writes as she goes, willing it into perfection. It's one of my constant battles when I write. I could spend hours on one page of dialogue in a first draft.

That's part of the reason I signed up for this challenge. I'm hoping if I just let go, I can create.

Anyway, the theme for january is the body. So I've been trying to write little snippets focusing on different parts of the body. Some days I'm able to incorporate it into the current novel I'm working on, but other days, I just write little ficlets. Nothing I'm quite ready to share (going back to that perfectionist thing) because I'm not sure a lot of what I wrote when I was hopped up on meds. Also, a lot of it is really personal at the moment. The first anniversary of my mother's death is this month and I'm trying to use creativity and writing to deal with a lot of emotions.

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