Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 4 - Progress Report

Week #4 (January 22nd - January 28th)
Jan. 22 = 4 miles

Jan. 23 = 5 miles

Jan. 24 = 0 miles

Jan. 25 = 3 miles

Jan. 26 = 0 miles

Jan. 27 = 2 miles

Jan. 28 = 0 miles

Total miles for week # 4 = 14 miles

Again with only four days of workouts and my workout on Wednesday night was one of those where I just couldn't break through the wall.  You know that feeling.  Usually about 10-15 minutes in, your muscles are fine and while it's work (hence the working out), it gets easier and not so hard on the body/mind.  But Wednesday, my knee started to hurt, i felt slighly nauseous and I just felt funky about the workout, so I didn't do much.  And I ended up not working out yesterday - first anniversary of my mom's death and I decided to wallow a little bit instead of what I probably should've done.

Oh well, it's a learning process.  And 14 miles isn't so bad.  I'm just hoping tonight when I workout, I don't feel that wall again.  Or at least that I'm able to bust through it.

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