Saturday, January 30, 2010

pimp and complain - the interesting saturday night

Snow, snow, snow.  Ugh.  I hate snow.  I hate shoveling it and driving in it and just dealing with the ice melt that ends up getting tracked around everywhere.  Stupid snow.

I actually accomplished a little decluttering today, getting rid of some dvds that never get watched and going through books of doom.  And I got in advanced bootcamp despite my own best efforts to avoid working out. 

Yes, this is a driveby post as my brain is frozen from the cold and the snow.  That said, I wanted to share this very cool contest with all of you.

The Book Junkie is running a Birthday Box of Books Giveaway now through February 22nd.  Free books, my friends.  Can one go wrong when there are more books to read?

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