Friday, March 4, 2011

Daily Gratitude

Earlier this week I mentioned that I always post when I'm upset, probably because I've always used writing to help me deal with life, but I rarely truly take a moment to pause and write about the normal good things that happen.  Not only the extroardinary things, but the simple moments that can make me happy.

Today I'm grateful for my co-worker Brandi, who made this for me:

I admit it.  I find the whole thing with Charlie Sheen part-fascinating-part-sad and the fascinating side keeps winning out.  I know first hand how awful addiction is, especially on the people around you, and I sometimes feel guilty about indulging in these media outlets allowing this man to keep going on and on.  But.  But, despite all of this and my conscience trying to sway me, the spectacle keeps making me laugh and waiting for the next thing to come out of his mouth.  In the meantime, my friend and I have decided that there should be a drink with the motto, "I'm not on (insert beverage of choice)!  I'm on Charlie Sheen!" 

Today I'm grateful for my creative friend providing me with a good laugh amidst a lot of unnecessary drama at work.

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