Thursday, March 24, 2011

Review: The Outsiders

This is not the first time I've read this book.  Far from it.  Since I was eleven years old, I've read this book at least once a year.  And this past weekend, I pulled out my copy and read it again.  One of the favorite moments I've had this year with my little bit, who is now eleven, was giving her a copy of this book.  I can only hope she loves it as much as I do.

I'm also making it work for the "something old" portion of Lazy Girl's Mini-Challenge.

Book 3/4 - something old (my copy is old - contact paper holds the cover together)

Title: The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

Summary:  When it was first published in 1967, The Outsiders defied convention with its immediate, deeply sympathetic portrayal of Ponyboy and his struggle to find a place for himself in a difficult world. Thirty years later, it speaks to teenagers as powerfully as ever.

My Review:  I think this book has one of the best opening lines I've ever read, especially considering how it also serves as a perfect ending.  Immediately, the reader is immersed into Ponyboy Curtis' world, where things are tough all-around, but somehow, he manages to remain strong. 
I'm convinced this is the book that caused me to develop my obession with all things close-sibling-relationships.  Even when they're fighting and downright feel like they hate each other, not only do the Curtis Brothers, but the rest of their gang as well, have such wonderful dynamics with one another.
Outside of Harriet the Spy, this is the book that probably meant the most to me as a kid.  And outside of Pride & Prejudice, it's the only one I constantly seek out to re-read over and over again.
Overall: 5 stars


Anonymous said...

Do you know, I've never read this book? It was never a requirement for school and I don't thin I ever just thought, "Hmm... I'll pick THIS one up."

Though I am intrigued by your comment about the first line/ending so perhaps I'll pick it up soon.

Isabella Skylar said...

one of my favorite books of all time. Something about it just draws you in.