Saturday, February 13, 2010

100 mile fitness challenge - weeks 5 & 6

Week #5 (January 29th - February 4th)

Jan. 29 = 0 miles

Jan. 30 = 4 miles

Jan. 31 = 5 miles

Feb. 1 = 0 miles

Feb. 2 = 3 miles

Feb. 3 = 2 miles

Feb. 4 = 4 miles

Total miles for week # 5 = 18 miles

I had a much better week.  Got in more of my miles.  Not much with walking/running, but with bootcamp and such.  It's been too cold for outside walking and running right now (my co-worker calls me a "wuss" and I don't disagree - I hate the cold weather). I also haven't been feeling like using the treadmill.  I feel like it's too much of a metaphor for my life at the moment - keep running, but getting nowhere.

Week #6 (February 5th-February 11th)

Feb. 5 = 0 miles

Feb. 6 = 2 miles

Feb. 7 = 0 miles

Feb. 8 = 3 miles

Feb. 9 = 0 miles

Feb. 10 = 6 miles

Feb. 11 = 6 miles

Total miles for week # 5 = 17 miles

The week started out with me in hibernation mode with the first of two blizzards hitting us.  I did some shoveling, but that was it, and I ate horribly to add to it.  Being snowed in makes me feel trapped and icky.  Anyway, I decided to push myself hard at the end of the week to make up for it.   Sometimes a hard workout is what's necessary and it actually released a lot of stress I was carrying around.

To work on:  I need to get back into a better routine.  I allowed myself to get thrown about by the weather and emotional blahs. 

To be proud of:  I made it through advanced bootcamp without nearly as many modifications  (i.e. - I did real push-ups!)

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