Tuesday, February 23, 2010

journeying through life...

The girl stood in the forest, allowing the silence to wrap around her with the mist.  She stared ahead and then glanced back, against her better judgement.  It scared her.  Moving forward.  What was beyond that curve?  What lurked in the foggy camoflauge of the trees, ready to reach for her and pull her down a road she didn't want?  What if she got lost?

She stood there and took a deep breath, reminding herself that there was a reason that every wannabe-zen-hipster-or-godly-believer repeated the idea that life was a journey

Life was a journey.  An uncontrollable one at times, while other days destiny was firmly in her reigns.  It was just a matter of staying on the path and not fearing what she couldn't see ahead of her.

She didn't have to be scared any more.  She had climbed steep cliffs, battled through the brush, and here in this clearing, she knew she could continue.  Come what may.  Life was a journey.

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Anissa said...

Very nice. :)

I love that picture!!!