Thursday, February 4, 2010

let's get creative with the boring...

Today, over at Creative Every Day, we were asked to ponder how to make those icky, sticky, un-fun tasks (like organizing documents) creative?  To be honest, I never really thought about it before.  I always play music when I'm doing things like cleaning, going through papers...and I admit it, I'm that girl who makes up her own dances as she cleans her counters or sings into the mop like it's a microphone, and the germs I'm dooming to death are my audience. 

You can't cover your ears, Mr. Bacteria.  My voice is everywhere.

At work, I tend to do yoga moves intermittent to my boring, desk-forced tasks to give me a way to get out of it for a minute or two and move.  I'm sure I look ridiculous to my coworkers, but it helps me stay focused on my projects and it helps break the day down a little.

I guess the way I'm creative with those un-fun tasks is to add movement into them.

As for rewards, that part I've always been very good about.  I always tell myself that if I finish this required boring thing, I can then write whatever I want for the evening.  Or I'll sit down and doodle once I'm done with something and my brain is fried.  Or just read and daydream.

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