Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And the nominees are...

Happy Oscar Nomination Day!!! **

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I wasn't sure how I would feel about ten movies being nominated this year as that is ten movies I need to see before the awards show.  And by need, I do realize these are arbitrary rules that me and my friends made up before watching the Oscars.  It's our Superbowl.  We have lots of fun with it. 

List of nominated Pictures:

Avatar - Visually stunning, plotwise it was okay.  It was enjoyable and didn't feel three hours long, but it was pretty predictable within the storyline.

The Blind Side - must see

District 9 - Creepy, interesting parallels to the place it was set in, very good

An Education - must see

The Hurt Locker - must see

Inglourious Basterds - must see (i'm a bad Quentin fan as I still haven't seen this)

Precious - Loved it.  Pretty damn depressing.  It does make you think about life and what you might take for granted on a daily basis.  the acting was phenomenal. 

A Serious Man - must see

Up - must see

Up In The Air - Really good.  I loved George Clooney in this movie.  I loved the characters, even when they horrified me or did things I just couldn't fathom.  I love how it doesn't all work out in the end and you're left like the protagonist trying to figure things out.
I have favorites in other categories already, but I'm not ready to commit to anything.  And you never know with the Oscar voters who might come out with a win.  I'm still recovering from Roberto Benigni winning over Edward Norton for American History X and his whole "make love to the audience" spiel.  ::shudders::
My new non-health related goal:  To see the 2010 oscar nominated films
**Happy Groundhog's Day to those who rather celebrate that.

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