Friday, February 26, 2010

Mama's Losin' It - weekly prompt

Mama's Losin' It
3.) “What images inspire you immediately? Open a magazine and create a piece of writing (poem, story, essay) about the first image that captures your imagination.”

She glanced up the stairs, the sweat dripping down her face, stinging her eyes, and she swiped at the droplets with the back of her sleeve.  She had been on her twenty-fifth run up and down the stairs, a nice rhythm in her head that matched the beat of the music pumping through her headphones.  And then mid-step she had seen him standing at the top of the stairway, dressed like Mr. Hot Shit with a smirk to match, leaning against the railing.  She immediately felt betrayed by her own body as her face flushed and a nervous rumble formed in the pit of her stomach.  She hated that this guy, who had no real job but passed himself off as the next great rock star, had decided that she was his next prize.  She hated even more that she wanted it.

She continued to stare up the moss-coated stairs, trying to slow her breath and think of something witty to say, but there was nothing - great comments always came to her minutes too late.  Finally, she jogged slowly up the stairs, almost slipping on the cracked step, and stopped in front of him. 

He looked her over bemusedly and smiled.  She prepared herself for some lame attempt at humor, something that made most girls swoon, probably would do the same to her if she allowed it. 

"Hey," he said, not moving away from the railing.

She met his gaze and said, "Hey."

"I almost didn't find you out here."  She didn't respond and he finally stepped away from the railing and moved closer to her.  "I've never come this far into the park."

"Did you need something?" she said.  She was proud that she managed an air of annoyance.

"Can we go somewhere to talk?"

She motioned to the stairs. "I'm kinda in the middle of something."

"It'll only take a few minutes."

It was then that she knew she was a goner and truly understood how many women had fallen under his spell in the past.  He could go from looking like a Jim Morrison wannabe to an innocent little boy within seconds, flashing a smile that could melt steel and staring with such determination and adoration that a girl couldn't help but fall victim. 

She wasn't surprised when she heard herself saying, "Sure.  Let's get some coffee."

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dandelionlady said...

I love that photo, and the story was very amusing. I like how you show her internal conflict. (found you through CED!)