Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Such a long day...

My partner in crime at work is on vacation this week.  Not only am I jealous that she's in sunny Florida, but suddenly things got very busy in the office.  God love them, my bosses seem to thrive on waiting until the very last second to need to get some huge project done rightawaymustbedone.  And I've already been in a mood of sorts the past few days, fighting off a cold and ennui.  Luckily, I sucked it up, went to the gym, and swam my laps on lunch.  As much as exercise annoys me, I do feel better after I do it, and while I'm working out, my mind wanders into such fun places sometimes.  You know, when I'm not groaning and thinking, "Why oh why can't I just pay someone to work out for me and still be healthy?"

Also on the bright side, it's Wishcasting Wednesday!  I love these questions.  It forces me to stop and think, and the questions are always so perfectly timed as to where my mind tends to be.

Where do you wish to grow your confidence?

illustration by hugh macleod

Confidence has never been my strong point.  I grew up with a mother who would make me feel so small all the time and say, "I'm your mother, if I can't tell you the truth, who can?"  Now I realize a lot of it was her and her issues, but it has left a lasting impression on me.  I'm only learning over the past few years that I need to stop only seeing myself in such negative ways.

So I wish to grow confidence in myself and through that I'll become stronger and have more faith in my own creativity and strives to live a happy, fulfilled life.


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