Monday, December 6, 2010

weekly intention: push the positivity

This weekend and especially today I've been struggling with my mood. A lot of great things have been happening for my friends and I'm truly happy for them and wish nothing but the best, but it further highlights how stuck I feel.  This feeling of being bogged down by my own lacking has been webbing out into everything I do and I'm falling back on those negative thoughts of "not good enough" and "never amount to anything."  Nothing good comes of this behavior.

I'm proud of myself for noticing it more - it's a step in the right direction.  But this week, my intention is to stop focusing so much on the negative things and be grateful for the now and what I do have and am capable of.  I'm always so focused on the future and where I want to be/should be,  I lose sight of the moment I'm in, the only one I'm guaranteed.  So universe and subconscious, I'm going to work on the energy I put out there.

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ABCcreativity said...

that is really beautiful.